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The Chatbot Revolution

Chatbots are a brand new way for brands to talk directly to their customers. But current chatbot solutions are disappointing and sound artificial.

That's where we come in.

Why Savvy?
Savvy is a better chatbot platform. It's smart, using AI. It integrates with your existing technology, so your customers can chat with you on all of your current platforms. And it lets you seamlessly switch between using human customer service operators and bots.

Artificial intelligence

Savvy allows you to easily create a custom chatbot for your business. Instead of relying on canned responses, we use artificial intelligence to actively understand your customers' needs.

Integrated with your existing website and apps

Savvy can be connected to multiple services including Facebook Messenger, Skype, your current websites and apps.

Great for Customer service

Savvy can also integrate with your existing customer service platform such as Zendesk, so FAQs can be answered automatically, while still forwarding more complex queries to a human.


Seguros Falabella

We built a chatbot helping customers of Seguros Falabella, a leading South American insurer. Integration with artificial intelligence platform IBM Watson allows for a natural conversation with the virtual assistant Sofia.


Hospital Network

We built a chatbot for a major hospital group to assist their customers with doctor/clinic information, bookings,frequently asked questions, health tips and more.


Thailand Mobile Summit

We built a chatbot allowing attendees ofthe Thailand Mobile Summit to get useful information throughout the conference.

Who made Savvy?

Savvy was built by ReignDesign, a multicultural creative agency. We design and develop chatbots for leading companies in multiple industry verticals including automotive, banking, insurance and travel.

We work with brand-name clients like Porsche, Nike and Sesame Street, as well as innovative startups. Since 2008 we've been helping our clients around the world from our offices in Shanghai, Barcelona, Santiago and Bangkok.

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